Patient Testimonials

Young families are benefiting in many ways. In our anonymous surveys they have said,

“When I first began visiting the clinic I was on a downward spiral with unhealthy habits and mental distress. I have been committed to making positive changes in my life and every visit to the Clinic strengths my goal and offers great support and resources to help bring those goals closer.”

“Knowing I have an appointment on the weekend encourages me to pay close attention to my actions and commitment to healthy lifestyle improvements and after my visit I feel better, I feel heard and I am ready to take on my life.”

“My son who is five and yet to sleep through the night more then three nights, in his whole life, was waking hourly at times, has been seen, assessed and is on the road toward more sleep. His behaviour has improved and our connection is stronger. It’s wonderful the care and attention the clinic has given my son in effort to address his issues.”

“Over all, this project has been invaluable and precious in my life. I listen, I learn, I heal.
I am a better mother because of this project and my son has an improved quality of life.
I feel better, look better and am better because of this Clinic. Now I’m on the upward turn, having already made many healthy lifestyle improvements and of course I couldn’t do it without the knowledge, care and support of this stupendous project and all of the contributors.”