Our Donors and Supporters

Special thanks to The Whitewood Foundation. The Whitewood Foundation has been providing substantial support to the FNC since 2011. Without these generous donations the work of the FNC would not be sustainable.

Thank you to our newest partner Nutritional Fundamentals for Health a respected Canadian nutirceutical company with a demonstrated committment to contributing to philanthropic organizations serving for the betterment of the greater community.  NFH is joining the FNC to further our aim of providing free natural medicines to our patients.

Thank you to the BC Naturopathic Association for continued support.

Thank you to Dr. Pam Hutchison and Acacia Integrative Health Clinic.  Acacia has supported the FNC from day one and continues to support the FNC in so many ways – not the least of which is the donation of the beautiful clinic space that houses the FNC.

Thank you to our partners:
Dr. Amy Gilchrist
Dr. Kristin Schnurr
Dr. Pam Hutchison
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
Acacia Integrative Health Clinic

Supervising Doctors:

Dr. Jaime de Melo

Dr. Carla Cashin

Board of the FNC Care Society:

Dr. Kristin Schnurr, President

Dr. Amy Gilchrist, Treasurer

Dr. Jeanne Achuff, Vice President

Dr. Carla Cashin, Secretary

Graham Robertson, Director

Dr. Jaime de Melo, Director


Dr. Amy Gilchrist, ND
is the Director of the FNC and Treasuere of the FNC Care Society. Amy is a naturopathic physician in private practice at Acacia Integrative Health Clinic with special interest in women’s health. Amy believes strongly in the power of naturopathic medicine and she works hard to make naturopathic medicine more accessible regardless of income. Amy is also a part time stay at home mom of 2 lovely young girls!

Dr. Kristin Schnurr, ND is a partner of the FNC and the President of the FNC Care Society. In addition to her work with the FNC, Dr. Schnurr runs a busy and diverse family practice out of Little Bird Farm. Ensuring that Naturopathic Medicine is accessible has been a longstanding goal, and Kristin is proud and inspired to be a part of this amazing project. Kristin balances her professional life with trail runs alongside her canine companion, a dedicated yoga practice and spending as much time as she can in her garden. She is the proud mother of two beautiful girls.  Additional info: www.drkristinschnurr.com.

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